The Filipiniana: Wedding Dress Reimagined

By: Christy Mabute

The Filipiniana: Wedding Dress Reimagined

Weddings are one of the biggest events in a woman's life. After all, it is the day that she agreed to make official the union between man and wife. The occasion is highly anticipated and expectations run high so one can only imagine the great lengths brides have to go through to ensure that their big day goes without a hitch. No hair should be out of place, skin should be glowing, flawless makeup and of course, the wedding dress should be THE dress! 

 The Whole Nine Yards

Next to the bride, the wedding gown  is one of the most awaited must-sees in any wedding. Exactly the reason why pre wedding preparations involve a lot of hours and manpower just on the dress alone. The bride has to make sure that the dress is impeccable and seamless down to the last stitch.

When choosing the perfect wedding gown, a declaration of " the struggle is real" is the biggest understatement of the century. The market is heavily saturated with  so many beautiful wedding dresses and the selection of the gown's design, color, style and silhouette can be very daunting. But what exactly should you consider when shopping for the ultimate  wedding ensemble?

Wear your Pride

More than a social gathering, a wedding is highly regarded as a  religious and cultural event so certain traditions have to be followed and that proud heritage has to be showcased for all the guests to see. And in a Filipino wedding, it is often paramount that tradition and culture be incorporated in the whole celebration. So what better way to display national pride than by wearing the classic Filipiniana?


While most brides opt for a modern look to their dress, recent years have seen a rise in traditional and conservative choices. More brides are going back to their roots for wedding inspiration and one piece of history that has captured the eye is the demure Filipiniana. Graceful and elegant, this terno dress is making a sweet return to the altar which shouldn't be that surprising. In its golden days, the Filipiniana is the embodiment of modesty and beauty and these qualities are reflections of today's modern bride, too.

The terno dress' archetype is the unassuming baro't saya which literally means blouse and skirt. Later on, it became a four-piece ensemble consisting of the baro or camisa, saya, panuelo and tapis and is called the Maria Clara. When the Americans settled in the country, the national dress went through another round of modifications and this time, it has a more shapely and fitted bodice with an elaborate long train called saya de cola. Traje de mestiza is what it's called which is also loosely translated to "women of heritage". Further down the line came the terno dress with its signature exaggerated butterfly-wing sleeves, delicate embroidery and intricate design. And this is now the contemporary look of the Filipiniana.



The Filipiniana has gone through quite a metamorphosis but despite the alterations and adjustments  to adapt to the changing fashion landscape, the Filipiniana's  timeless beauty remains. Exactly the reason why it deserves to have the main spot in the wedding aisle.

Say Yes to the Dress

Ingenious and creative Filipino designers have raised the bar so high when it comes to popularizing the Filipiniana as a wedding dress. Exquisite designs have graced countless wedding aisles and for sure, there's plenty more to come. They have reimagined the Filipiniana to be this bridal attire which not only proudly honors the Philippine heritage but also shows the brazen but charming Filipinas.

From flattering to simple silhouettes, the terno dress never disappoints. Fashion designers have come up with super elegant Filipiniana looks that retain the quaint quality of the dress while at the same time transforming its look to something very much in vogue. Whether you want a fashion forward Maria Clara or a timeless Filipiniana, you'll never be out of style with the right terno wedding gown.

The Filipiniana as a wedding dress has a lot of promise. The baro't saya or balintawak has a classic, straight silhouette that may be suitable for a conservative church wedding. On the other hand, its successor, the terno dress has a contemporary, bold twist to it that will make any bride stand out. If you want something dreamy, a fairy-tale inspired Filipiniana wedding gown will have everyone swooning over its romantic embroidery and full-on princess skirt.

But although the terno dress is the most obvious choice for an ultra feminine wedding gown, there are also other non-conventional versions that hit the mark. If you like a no-frills kind of wedding dress, one good option would be the pantsuit terno. It's chic, classy, comfy and less restricting so it's great if you want to walk around unbothered. Or perhaps you'd still want a dress but sans the flamboyant skirt? Then your best bet would be the barong dress. As the name suggests, it is reminiscent of the men's barong but with a lady-like silhouette and intricate design for that feminine feel. 




A bride in a stunning traditional Filipino terno dress is a vision to behold. Be it a matrimony in church, a courthouse date, a garden or sunset beach wedding , there is definitely that Filipiniana dress that will make your wedding one for the books. Weddings are beautiful, joyous celebrations but at the end of the day (or night) what matters is that the union has been solemnized by the church, sealed by the state and witnessed by the people who really mattered.

Entourage and Accessories

Now that you have your dream wedding dress, your groom and your entourage have to shine too.  Barong Warehouse has a great number of bridesmaid gowns and cocktail dresses for your girl squad ranging from girly, charming to goddess-like. Have your man take his pick too from their wide range of barongs and fall in love with handsome fabrics, colors and designs.


For gorgeous traditional wedding accessories you can also check out Barong Warehouse's collection of wedding unity veils, cords and coins that will complete your traditional wedding accessories.


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