Get to Know Barong Tagalog Fabrics – Organza, Jusi, Pina, and More

The Barong Tagalog fabrics can sound very foreign to many. Read on below to get to know them better, so you may choose the best barong for you.

Just like there are many variations for other types of garments, the Barong Tagalog comes in different types of fabrics such as the Organza, Jusi, Pina, and others. They range in quality, softness, opaqueness, thickness, price and other factors. The following are the most common types of fabrics and their advantages and disadvantages.


The Organza Barong is cost-effective. This sheer and transparent material made up of Silk and Polyester is the lowest price you can find the Barong Tagalog in. Depending on the occasion, its shiny appearance is either perfect for some or overly glaring for others. If you’re wearing it for a performance of some sort, you will definitely light up on stage with an Organza Barong, but if you need a barong for a low-key wedding or for office-wear, the Organza Barong is usually not the first choice. Another occasion the Organza Barong works is if you only need to wear a barong once, or as they say, “One-time, big-time.” It is relatively inexpensive to get an Organza Barong at Barong Warehouse, and you simply have to click here to shop for one now.


The Jusi Barong is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a barong but still want a more refined and classic look. Made out of a type of silk, this barong is more opaque and softer to the touch than the Organza but is still less expensive than the Pina Barong. Just like the Organza fabric, the Jusi material can be found in many different colors and styles. One particular style is the Jusi-Pina Barong, which is Jusi, but has small stripes that resemble that of the Pina fabric. Another style is the Monochromatic Jusi Barong, which has been hand-dyed to have a gradient or hombre effect of color from the top of the garment to the bottom. To get a Jusi Barong for yourself, click here to go to Barong Warehouse’s many different styles.

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Similar to Jusi, but more affordable is the Jusilyn Barong, which is also made out of silk with a polyester mix. It is more opaque than Jusi. Click here to see our selection of Jusilyn barongs.

The Piña Barong is the ultimate statement of Barong Tagalog elegance. Originally-made in the Philippines, the Pina fabric is meticulously woven by local artisans who have combined age-old Filipino weaving techniques with European hand-embroidery traditions. Because it is so hard to make and so fine to the touch, getting a Pina Barong can be a real investment for Barong Tagalog aficionados. Its prices can range anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the designer or how fine the particular Pina fabric is. Currently, Barong Warehouse does not offer Pina Barongs on our site, but if you would like to inquire about getting one, please e-mail us at and we would be happy to assist you.

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Alternatively, we have some closely resembling hand-woven and embroidered Cocoon and Silk Barongs that are just as beautiful and illustrious. Click here to see their amazing level of craftmanship.

Check out this amazing video of how Pina cloth is made.


Other types of fabrics that the Barong Tagalog can be found in are Abaca and Linen.

Abaca Fabric

Abaca is a fabric from a particular type of banana plant. Abaca Barongs are few in numbers because the other types of barongs have become more popular in recent times.

Linen Fabric

The breathable Linen fabric is usually found in an officewear dress shirt known as the Gusot-Mayaman (or loosely translated as Wrinkle of the Rich). It is typically embroidered with simpler designs, and is a favorite of office-workers to wear in the hot and humid Philippine climate. The less-expensive version is known as the Bihis Mayaman, and is made of light-weight polyester.

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Another factor that comes into play when choosing what type of Barong Tagalog fabric you choose is personal taste. Some people appreciate the extra flair of the Organza, while others prefer the low-key yet elegant appearance of the Jusi. Others want an even more refined look and will invest in the Pina. It really is up to you what kind of barong you see yourself in. You can have different types of barongs handy so you have one ready for every type of occassion. You can layer it with other garments such as a blazer for a mixed Americana/Filipino look. Or you can wear a fun colorful T-Shirt under a barong for a more street look. One thing is for certain, with distinct details such as exquisite embroidery or hand-painted designs of Barong Tagalog fabrics, you will stand out from any crowd.

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