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What is the Barong Tagalog?

The Barong Tagalog, more commonly known as “barong”, is a traditional Filipino garment that is still proudly worn today. “Barong Tagalog” loosely translates as “Shirt of the Tagalog”. In Tagalog, the Filipino National Language, “baro” means “shirt” and “ng” means “of”. Overtime, the two words were joined to form “Barong”. Some people also call it a "Barong Shirt".  

The Barong Tagalog has a storied history. The garment dates back to pre-colonial times in the Philippines. Sheer, breathable fabrics such as Piña an Abaca were developed. When the Spaniards went to the islands, they brought European traditions of embroidery and lace to local garments. Additionally, East and South Asian traders influenced the overall look of the Barong Tagalog such as the use of the Mandarin collar and the Camisa de Chino. It is truly an iconic staple of Filipino culture, which is also a melting pot of many influences from around the world.

Today, the Barong Tagalog is so versatile, it has been worn to weddings, graduations, the office, other special events, government functions, and even the beach. It is usually made of hand-woven fabrics such as Piña; Silk fabrics such as Cocoon and Jusi; Polyester and Silk mix fabrics such as Jusilyn and Organza; natural fabrics such as Linen; and other fabrics such as Satin.

What are the Different Types of Barong Tagalog?

There are many types of Barongs. "Do we have Barong Tagalog for sale?" you ask. We certainly do!

The traditional barong tagalog usually comes with the U-embroidery, half-open buttons, and long-sleeves. More modern barong tagalog can have full-open buttons and short-sleeves. Some prefer this type of barong, because it is usually easier to put on and take off. Other details may be different as well. Collars can be the regular or Sports Collar or the standing or Mandarin Collar. There are also double-collared barong tagalog or collars with embroidery or piping. The choices are so fun and endless.

Here are some of our bestsellers for the Barong Tagalog for Men.

You can click on the photo to go straight to the product page. There are also other links so you can check out other designs of that type of barong tagalog.

Jusi Barong Tagalog - Jusi Barongs are made of the Jusi fabric, which is a type of Silk. These days, Jusi Barongs have become the premium yet affordable barongs, so they are great to wear for weddings or special occasions. Though they are slightly translucent, they hardly ever come with a lining, so it is a good idea to get an undershirt or camisa de chino for to wear underneath (see below for more information).

Barong Warehouse - MJO1 Jusi Barong Tagalog

Jusilyn Barong Tagalog - Jusilyn Barongs are made of the Jusilyn fabric, which is a mix of Silk and Polyester. They are more affordable than Jusi, so these are great choices for a group or a more casual occasion. Sometimes Jusilyn Barongs have lining and sometimes they do not. They come in a variety of colors and details.

Barong Warehouse - ML01 Jusilyn Barong Tagalog
Organza Barong Tagalog - Organza Barongs are made out of the Organza fabric, which is a mix of Silk and Polyester. It's more translucent and shiny, so most Organza Barong Tagalog come with an opaque Polyester fabric. These barongs are even more affordable and versatile.  
Barong Warehouse - MO03 Organza Barong Tagalog

Check out these other collections that may interest you:

BIG and TALL Barong Tagalog - Originally most barong tagalog only went up to size 3X-Large, but because many different types of people wear barongs now, some of our barongs come in plus sizes 4X-Large to 7X-Large. And, if there is a design that you like that does not come in a bigger size, you can PRE-ORDER it or better yet, you can get a CUSTOM ORDER barong tagalog with us.

Here are some Women's Barong Tagalog and other bestseller Filipiniana tops such as Mestiza Boleros and Alampays.

These can be considered modern Filipiniana since you can wear them over your existing wardrobe.

Barong Warehouse - Women's Barong Tagalog

 Women's Barong Tagalog


Barong Warehouse - WR12 Mestiza Bolero Black

 Women's Mestiza Bolero with Butterfly Sleeves


Barong Warehouse - WR12 Classic Alampay Gold

Women's Alampay or Pañuelo for a modern Maria Clara look

Here are more options for Filipiniana Tops:

Filipiniana Barong Tagalog, Kimona, Bolero, Alampay

Check out the Barong Dress 

These are great for a feminine, yet comfortable full Filipiniana ensemble:


Barong Warehouse - WA06 Barong Tagalog Dress



Barong Warehouse - WV07 Barong Tagalog Dress



Barong Warehouse - WV08 Barong Tagalog Dress

For more Filipiniana Dress options, check out:

Filipiniana Dress, Gowns, Terno, and Sets

Here are some options for black and white Barong Tagalog:

An example of an event where you may need a black or white barong is a funeral. A more traditional Filipino or Asian funeral will require a white Barong Tagalog, whereas a more westernized funeral will appreciate a black Barong Tagalog more. In some cultures, white represents purity, goodness, and positive transition into the Afterlife, while in other cultures, the color black is more appropriate to show respect and mourning for the deceased. Filipino families can often follow different customs, so it's a good idea to ask the family of the deceased what color they prefer you wear to the funeral.

 Barong Warehouse - MJ14 Jusi Barong Tagalog Black

Barong Warehouse - ML06 Jusilyn Barong Tagalog White

Barong Warehouse - MO08 Organza Barong Tagalog Black

Here are more Black and White Barong Tagalog:

White Barong Tagalog

Black Barong Tagalog

Wedding Barong Tagalog

The groom usually chooses more premium barongs such as these. These barongs can also be worn for countless other events such as awards nights, film premiers, graduation ceremonies, and more. Check them out by clicking on the photos below:

Barong Warehouse - MC01 Cocoon Pina Barong Tagalog

 Barong Warehouse - MT01 Barong Tagalog Coat

Barong Warehouse - MK01 Silk Pina Barong Tagalog


Check out these other collections for Barong Coats and Barongs with Lining:

Cocoon / Silk Pina Barong Tagalog

Barong Coat and Barong Tagalog with Lining


The groomsmen of a wedding, usually wear more colorful Barong Tagalog such as these:

Barong Warehouse - ML16 Jusilyn Barong Tagalog Blue

Barong Warehouse - MJ22 Jusi Barong Tagalog Pomelo

Barong Warehouse - MO27 Organza Barong Tagalog Purple

Check out more colorful Barong Tagalog here:

Colored Barong Tagalog

Here are some Polo and Short-Sleeve Barong Tagalog: 

The first two are also known as Gusot Mayaman and Office Barong. They are known as Polo barongs, because they are cut similar to Polo-style shirts. "Gusot Mayaman" loosely translates to "Wrinkle of the Rich". They are traditionally made of Linen hence they have that wrinkly reputation. Check them out by clicking on the photos below:

 Barong Warehouse - MY03 Polo Barong Navy Blue

Barong Warehouse - MY01 Polo Barong Beige Tan


Barong Warehouse - MJ16 Jusi Barong Tagalog

Check out more casual and short-sleeved barong tagalog in these collections:

Casual Barong Tagalog

Office or Polo (made of Polyester) Barong Tagalog

If you're looking for a more casual and modern take on the Barong, check out these fun designs from our Brand Partners. 

Anthologie has this green terno set from their Lifestyle collection that is very fashionably Filipino. Check it out by clicking on the photo below::

Anthologie - Ruffled Green Barong Tagalog and Shorts Set

BÁRÛ MU has these Barong Pullover Hoodies perfect for colder weather. Check them out by clicking on the photos below::


Baru Mu - Barong Pullover Hoodie Gold

You can also accessorize your Barong Tagalog with the Barong Tie. We currently have 8 colors available in Black, Pink, Red, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Lavender, Purple (pictured). Check it out by clicking on the photo below:


Tips on How to Buy a Barong Tagalog

  1. Most Barong Tagalog come in Philippine sizes which are usually a size smaller than US or Western sizes. So, please order one size up. For example, if you're a US Medium, please get a PH Large with us.
  2. Get a local tailor to measure you. But, if you are short on time and budget, you can ask a friend to do so following our easy-to-follow guide for measuring: Measurement Guide for Barong Tagalog for Men and Women.
  3. Pick the right barong for the occasion. Most formal events will require a Barong Tagalog to have long sleeves, while more casual events or settings such as the office can be okay with a Barong Tagalog to have short sleeves. Color is important too such as what to wear for a funeral explained earlier. 
  4. You may need an undershirt for your Barong Tagalog, Traditionally, barongs are made with sheer fabrics and are worn with the Camisa de Chino underneath. But modern Barong Tagalog and Barong Coats have lining, which may excuse you from wearing an undershirt. It's up to you, because sometimes, you may still want to wear an undershirt even if the barong is not see-through. Check out our Camisa de Chino options and colors here.
  5. BW Style Tip: Sometimes, there might not be a Camisa de Chino in your size, because they do run small. It is perfectly fine to wear a snug white T-shirt underneath them. Sometimes, some people like to wear other colored shirts with colorful prints on them to make their barong ensemble stand out in the crowd even more.
  6. Enjoy yourself! Wearing a Barong Tagalog gives men an excuse to wear something beautiful, while it exudes a classy elegance for women. Take pride in the fact that an artisan from the Philippines made this exceptional garment for you to appreciate and share.

To see our full collection of Barong Tagalog for Men, check out:

To see our full collection of Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana for Women, check out:

Modern Filipiniana dress and other options for both men and women. 

Check out our Kid's collections here:

Children can also wear the Barong Tagalog to special events or as a Filipino costume to International Day at school. 

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