Iconic Filipino Home Décor Must-haves

By: Janice Guzman

One of the best places to find tranquility is right here at home with the people we love. The way we organize our furniture, and the color of our walls can impact our emotions. Even the tiniest figure can make a significant impression on the appearance of our house. Choosing the proper objects for your home is also a way to show off your style, interests, and values.

Traditional Filipino Home Décor makes Filipino homes stand out. A statue of Sto. Nino is almost present in every house since most of the population are Catholics. It is evident that even in the present era, artifacts from the past remain fashionable.

Allow us to introduce you to these historical must-haves that may change the way you feel about your home.

Sto. Nino - More than a figurine

The Sinulog Festival is the Philippines' Queen of Festivals. It is annually celebrated on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, the Visayan region's biggest island. This festival is a ritual prayer-dance honoring Señor Santo Niño or the baby Jesus. As a Christian emblem, Sto. Nino has been around the country for 500 years.

Why would you want to have one? Sto. Nino is inseparable from faith. Regardless of your beliefs, you continue to trust in a greater force that guides your daily walk. Below is a Sto. Nino figurine for sale that has been hand-carved and hand-painted for you to put to your altar. Devotees in the Philippines made this in honor of the Holy Child of Prague, Baby Jesus.

The Sto. Nino brings good luck and healing individuals afflicted by demons and evil spirits. Given the country's poverty, many individuals cling to their faith and good luck. Some devotees personalize their figurines as renowned basketball players or superheroes.

Jeepneys - Only in the Philippines

You have never visited the Philippines without experiencing a jeepney ride. If you are one of the fortunate few who have tried, you will want one. Oh- That would be impossible, but it is possible! Jeepney miniatures are popular in almost all the country's souvenir shops. And if you were unable to make it, don't worry- Barong Warehouse has you covered.

Add a Filipino Miniature Jeepney Diecast Figurine to your basket to bring the Philippines into your house. It is one of the country's best Filipino home décors. Some artists would create one out of wood, while others would use metal or plastic. The jeepney has become a well-known symbol of Philippine transportation.

Many individuals rely on this kind of mobility. Without this, going to work would have been quite difficult. It's no secret that owning a car is a luxury in the Philippines. Having one would imply an increase in car maintenance costs and a decrease in food costs.

Bahay-Kubo Miniature

“Bahay kubo kahit munti ang Halaman doon ay sari- sari” (Nipa Hut, though very modest

Many plants over there). This classic Filipino folk song describes a traditional Nipa Hut house with four hardwood stilts as main pillars. Vegetables of all types and colors surrounded this house. For decades, Bahay-Kubo has represented the basic pleasures of life in the Philippines.

The Bahay Kubo's significance to the country has prompted many carvers to create miniatures of their own. Apart from purchasing it at any souvenir shop, the best option is to buy it from a local, authentic business. Our Bahay Kubo Filipino House is affordable. This miniature is light and ideal at any place in your home to create a more positive atmosphere.

Ifugao, the land of the "Banaue Rice Terraces," is also home to a community of woodworkers. Every type of object, including the Bahay-Kubo, can be made by local craftsmen.

Pillows – Locally designed

How about a pleasant conversation with a cup of coffee and a statement piece of a pillow? Our "Pusong Pinoy" (Heart of the Filipino) is a beautiful indoor pillow that you can have in various sizes. This environmentally friendly piece is a must-have for your bed or sofa.

Since the cover is made from 100% polyester, this cover should withstand a lot of wear and tear. What makes this pillow even more attractive is that it was beautifully designed on both sides. The hidden zipper makes it a premium item perfect for gifting.

Pillow covers and sleeping mats were initially made from dried palm leaves or seagrass. "Banig" is a common term for this. Some ethnic groups still produce banig as their source of income.

"Raise our flag"

Catriona Gray, the Miss Universe 2018, released her single "Raise Your Flag" in 2020. The song focuses on the importance of believing in yourself and using your voice for good deeds.

Most Filipino immigrants in the United States display the Philippine flag in their homes. Even though they are thousands of miles away from home, they still get a taste of it. The Philippines flag is a symbol of pride and patriotism for many Filipinos.

Our Filipino Flag Car Accessory will make you feel right at home wherever you are. It features a suction cup hanger and fun gold tassels for an added pop of color. It's simple to install it in your car or your house.

Let us help you decorate your home!

The Philippines is world-famous for its stunning beaches and one-of-a-kind tourist attractions. It has always been our goal at Barong Warehouse to bring Filipino products to the world's attention. To better meet our customers' needs and expectations, we constantly improve our products and services. One of them is bringing in iconic Filipino home décor.

When it comes to our home, we believe that what we put in it can either enhance or harm our quality of life. Eco-friendly and simple historical artifacts can add a unique flavor to a house. Additionally, they are safe for children and pets. Because they are of the highest quality, they look and feel more expensive than they are. Visit us to see more of our locally sourced home decors.


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