FB01 - An Illustrated History of The Philippines | by: Jose Raymund Canoy - Filipino History Book

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Written by Jose Raymund Canoy

from John Beaufoy Publishing Ltd., Oxford, United Kingdom

"In this book Ray Canoy presents the Filipinos' experience as a national community shaped, like the rest of Southeast Asia, by influences from several world civilizations. However the country has absorbed more lasting and deeper influences from the West than its regional neighbors creating one of the most globalized cultures in the world. He raises important questions about the paradox of a democracy governed, outspoken and educated population living in a deeply unequal society, with a historically shaped aversion to a strong and impartial state.
In chapters on the pre-Hispanic, Spanish Revolutionary, American, post-Second World War, Marcos and post-Marcos eras, the book presents the story of that state in many forms over time, and sets it alongside that of a resilient people, who have had to make their shared history on terms not always defined by themselves.
Featured box panels alongside the main text work together with carefully selected images, bespoke maps and a detailed timeline. Together, they present a vivid encounter with the living texture of this people's historical experience, set in the well-researched context of social, political and cultural realities."
  • 244 full color pages
  • 10" x 7.5" x .75"


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