FX07 - Kalinga Hand-Woven Face Mask

Makabayan BWSKU: FX07

Sale price₱1,700.00 PHP


Be protected everywhere you go while celebrating the beauty of Kalinga hand-woven fabric.

Each mask is multi-layered. The top layer is a weave and the second and third fabric are added for protection, with a pocket for inserts (tissue or replaceable filters). 
  • Hand-woven fabric makes each face mask one-of-a-kind
  • Size: 6.25" x 7-8" (H16cm x W18-20cm)
  • Special Feature: Has filter pocket and each mask comes with 3 filters
  • Comes directly from the Mountain Province in the Philippines
  • All ear loops are gartered
  • The structure of the masks keep the wearers stylish and safe
  • Colors: Black, red, yellow, white

Let's support the Philippines' rich legacy of hand-crafted products. Each piece is unique. No two masks are identical even if they are cut from the same weave. It takes many days or over a week to weave the fabric, often using a backstrap loom. So our makers ensure they maximize every inch of the precious weaves and minimize waste.

*Please note that there may be some variations with the patterns in the masks even though they’re cut from the same fabric as our makers try to minimize waste of these previous indigenous weaves.


The Kalingas are painted in Philippine history as fearsome headhunters. This stems from their desire to fiercely protect their land, their tribe and their way of life.  These days, however, the Kalinga’s reputation is much more amicable.  They are known for their artisan skills, especially their legendary hand-tapped body tattooing and indigenous weaving. Their warrior-like spirit is reflected in their will to not only preserve their heritage art by passing it onto the next generation, but also ensure it flourishes in the modern times. 

For example, in the municipality of Lubuangan, the heart of Kalinga’s backstrap handweaving technique, they strive to cultivate weaving at a young age. The locals are working with the government to integrate “laga” hand weaving in the school curriculum. 

Our masks are hand woven and sewn in Lubuagan. They feature distinct traditional Kalinga designs inspired by the nature that surrounds them -- stars (silanbittuwon), mountains (yellow stitches), sky (red), fertile soil (black). The XX motifs (silaksakaw) represents the dish rack that is a staple in every Kalinga home and  is usually passed down from generation to generation. Some of our weaves is also adorned with beads, the same way that their traditional weave/ attires are embellished. 

Giving back:
Today, loom weaving industry is growing and there are more local people who are helping create these beautiful weaves and turn them into bags, souvenirs and nowadays, masks. Supporting these locally made products helps preserve this ancient art, but also provide a stable livelihood for many local people, especially in this times of pandemic when tourism is paralysed. 

*Info courtesy of Makabayan.UK


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