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Chelo Aestrid - ArtBiztic - The Artist's Guide to Starting a Business

Written by Chelo Aestrid
from Muse-ic Productions and Publishing

Skip business school; this book has all you need!

We will explore what every type of artist can do to make money, how to make a real business plan to do so, and how to take action to create that reality of financial success. How does she know? She is Miss Entretainer, the entrepreneur-slash-entertainer.
Many artists are allergic to business. They just want to make their art and don't care if they actually have a product or service people want to buy. This results is a no-income scenario where they become a clichéd "starving artist".
Chelo has pursued singing, dancing, acting, designing, writing, and many other artistic endeavors. She's succeeded in several ways, but she didn't have a sustainable income until she combined her business education and experience to create a profitable business with her art.

Realize your full potential as an artist, and increase your income today.

  • Learn how to create a business plan and how to attract investors
  • Comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow steps to get out of the starving artist life
  • Real-life example of the book's very own business plan makes everything easy-to-learn
  • Complete workbook will help you create a full business plan fast

Chelo's tried and tested principles will work for any and every art form.

  • 105 black and white pages
  • 9" x 6" x .25"

ArtBiztic - Chelo Aestrid - Artists Tableau

CHELO AESTRID is a MILF (magnetic, intelligent, and loving Filipina). She lives in sunny Southern California with her family. She runs two businesses, writes, and runs on coffee.

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